Candle Information

Meaning of Candles

Many people like to burn candles for many different reasons. Hopefully the information below will help you to understand what each candle can be used for. I found this page very interesting and useful. I hope you are able to do the same.

Candles Are Used For:

Red Clover Religious services of all kinds.
Red Clover Observing religious holidays.
Red Clover Romance, like candlelight dinners.
Red Clover Relaxation and stress relief.

Red Love, passion, energy, enthusiasm, courage, strength, radiant health. Also good for protection against psychic attack, physical harm inflicted through Black Magick performed by enemies, and to conquer fear of laziness.

Orange Symbolizes the Sun of midsummer. A color of great power. Enthusiasm, fun, vitality, stimulation, adaptability, attraction and friendship. Use for bringing success, or to draw/attract good things and friendly people.

Yellow Clairvoyance, learning, mind and communication. Used in operations designed to bend the mind of another. Also to aid memory, healing, improve business, success in the performing arts, promote cheerfulness in a grouchy person, chasing evil, and exorcism.

Green Symbolizes nature and material gain. Healing, money, prosperity, luck, fertility, promote balance and harmony in an off balance situation, protection and calming. Other uses – For any circumstance requiring a healthier outlook, or a repeated or renewal of a spell in order to perpetuate it, or protect it from deterioration.

Blue Healing, meditation, tranquillity and forgiveness. Use light blue for: devotion, inspiration, peace and blessings in the home, to keep a man or woman faithful. Use deep blue for: loyalty on a communal level, successful group enterprise and expansion.

Purple Intuition, dignity and spiritual shield, wisdom, idealism, psychic manifestation and spirit contact, spirituality, wisdom and psychic awareness. Typically used when great spiritual power is necessary. Effectively used against Black Magick, demoniac possession (to drive away evil), to breakup a jinxed condition, and for spiritual or psychic healing, or to throw up a veil of spiritual protection.

White Protection, peace, sincerity, virtue of kinds, the highest spirituality, purity and truth. The balanced presence of all colors in synthesis.

Emotional love, friendships, gentleness, spiritual fulfillment, affection and harmony. Use for spiritual healings, break up bad prevailing conditions of many kinds, great joy and sensual pleasure.

Turquoise Awareness, meditation, moon and creativity.

Black Absorption and destruction of negative energy. Represents the still of the night, the deep cold and tranquil waters, the deepest recesses of the unconscious mind. Good for banishing rituals. As a black candle burns it releases whatever energies you have placed into it, when you charged it.

Gold Symbolizes universal fraternity, great fortune. Use to promote understanding for divinitory rituals and bring about peace in a community in a group. Also used to bring fast luck.

Brown Color of the soil. Use in times of financial crises to attract money and financial success. Also used to attract the Earth Spirits, who must always be remunerated for their aid, and properly dismissed with a special ritual.

Silver (Light Gray) Represents stability and neutrality. Use to remove evil influences, or to neutralize any existing undesirable vibrations. Use with meditation to aid the development of psychic developments and ESP. Use as Altar candles to invoke the assistance of the Great Mother, or Goddess aspect of a Deity.

Magenta This is a difficult color candle to find. Magenta is a illusionary oscillation of the color spectrum, between the infra-red and ultra-violet at a very high frequency. It is named for the ┬┤Magi┬┤ and literally means Magic Color. Used with other candles it will promote a speedy result or action. Also good to use for spiritual healings, exorcisms and quick changes of a favorable nature.